It Looks Like I Am On Team Karkat♦Kanaya For The Homestuck Shipping Olympics
I Just Thought You Should Know
Additionally I Suppose Some Voice Recordings Are In Order 
I Am Terrible At Upholding A Blog 

I Do Apologize For The Wait On These Questions
I Promise Ill Get To Them Soon Enough Ive Just Been Kind Of Busy
Clown Hunting You Know 

[hey everyone ! i still have every intention of keeping this blog up-to-date, i just have a lot of real-life audition stuff going on right now. thanks for your patience !]

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Ask Kanaya 1

Thank You For The Questions
Ill Get More Done Soon But Heres A Taste For Everyone Waiting In Suspense

Ask Me Something

Oh My That Is Quite A Lot Of Followers For A Blog That Has Only Been In Action For Approximately 15 Minutes

Or So I Have Read

Anyway Hello Everyone You Keep Those Questions Coming

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This Will Be The Longest Voice Clip I Post
(Was That Human Sarcasm)
(Because I Mean That It Will Not Be The Longest Voice Clip There Will Be Much Longer Ones)